Child Safeguarding for Supplementary School Teachers & Staff

Length: 2 hours

This SFI certified course will set out legal requirements and best practice for teachers and staff of supplementary schools to safeguard children.

The course will cover:

  • Key areas of safeguarding risk in educational settings
  • Best practice when safeguarding children
  • Identifying signs of abuse
  • How to recruit staff and volunteers safely (including DBS checks)
  • How to manage allegations against members of staff or volunteers

The course is interactive and run by facilitators with significant experience of working with faith communities. There will be frequent opportunities to discuss the specific safeguarding challenges that you face.

Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate and course notes

“I attended this safeguarding training to help with safeguarding policies and procedures. It was very beneficial as the trainer explained the roles and responsibilities of the designated safeguarding lead, as well as general safeguarding issues”

Salma, Plaistow Jamia Islamia
Madrassa Head Teacher

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