Example Health and Safety Risk Assessment

As an employer, you’re required by law to protect your employees – and others – from harm.

If you employ more than 5 employees, you’re required to record the health and safety arrangements you have in place.

This example health and safety risk assessment template covers some of the key risks which affect places of worship.

The document provides space to add further details about any actions you need to take to address any issues identified by your risk assessment.

For more information on health and safety, please see our ‘Managing your building’ page.

Please note: this template does not cover fire safety risk assessments.  Example Fire safety risk assessments can be found here: 

Example Fire safety risk assessment for SMALL TO MEDIUM places of worship (under 300 people)

Example Fire safety risk assessment for LARGE places of worship (over 300 people)

Important: the specific activities of - and risks affecting - places of worship vary considerably. This example risk assessment document is provided as a template only. It should be updated/amended as necessary in line with the circumstances of your organisation, including any relevant specific legal/best practice requirements. It is provided as a Word document for this purpose.