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As the leading provider of safeguarding training for children and vulnerable adults at faith centres throughout England, our expert trainers understand the unique issues of faith communities in keeping children and adults safe and secure.

We offer a tailored progression of safeguarding courses at basic, intermediate and advanced levels, which can be delivered at your faith centre at anytime, including evenings and weekends.

Our safeguarding trainers

Fakrul Choudhury MBE who has extensive experience working in local authorities within Equality Policy Development. He is an experienced trainer and has expertise in third sector development, Equality and Diversity and further Education which has ranged from the coordination of student mentoring programmes to the delivery of NQV programmes in subjects such as community development and female empowerment.  He is also a qualified adult tutor and NVQ assessor.  He has also been a member of his local Children’s Safeguarding Partnership.

Shakil Ahmed who has a considerable experience of delivering safeguarding courses to faith organisations across England. He has over 25 years’ professional experience of working in higher education, social services, youth services, voluntary sector and local government. As an adult survivor of child abuse, he is passionate about embedding safeguarding culture in faith organisations and contributing to enhancing their safeguarding policy and practice.

Safeguarding Awareness

To develop awareness of Safeguarding and Child Protection concerns within your faith institution and how to protect children from suffering any harm.

By the end of the course, participants will:
• Understand the four categories of child abuse;
• Recognise signs of abuse in a child;
• To learn what to do should you notice signs of abuse in a child

Upon completion, participants will receive a full set of notes and certificate of attendance.

Safeguarding for Management and Trustees

The aiming of the training session is to equip faith institutions with the leadership to manage safeguarding concerns by learning how to implement, monitor and review the safeguarding system in their institute.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Understand the responsibility and management of a Safeguarding system;
• Understand how to fill the single central register;
• Understand and implement safer recruitment;
• Understand the referral procedure

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Training Cost: £10 per person
The aim of the course is to develop the knowledge and skills of the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for faith institutions. As the DSL, you will learn what your role is and how to carry out your duties. Before attending this course, you should have attended a Safeguarding (awareness) course.

During this course, participants will learn about:

  • The role of DSL
  • The challenges for a DSL
  • Safeguarding Risk Assessment
  • Challenges and solutions specific to a centre of supplementary religious education
  • Dealing with allegations of abuse against teachers and others in a position of trust
  • Understand the referral procedure

Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate and course notes

Safeguarding is a real concern and issue with faith institutions, the training was delivered in a relaxed manner and was very interactive, which helped clarify any information we did not know beforehand
Masjid Khatme NabuwatRedditch

To find out more about these training workshops, please see our training booklet or get in touch with us