CSC Book Club: A chat with Jon Yates, author of ‘Fractured: Why Our Societies are Coming Apart and How We Put Them Back Together Again’

Wednesday, 3rd November 


The Civil Society Consulting bookclub is a warm and welcoming get-together, an opportunity to share ideas and connect with other people. Anyone interested in the topic is welcome, but particularly those who work in the social sector. People working in the voluntary and community sector have been instrumental in looking after people’s basic needs and wellbeing during the pandemic, and this is a token of their sector caring for them back!

This time, there will be a conversation with Jon Yates, to talk about the deep-rooted reasons for the fractures in our societies, and how we can fix them collectively.

Jon has extensive experience in the charity and social sector – he is the co-founder of a series of charities, an ex-government adviser and now leads a £200m Endowment focused on reducing knife crime. From his experience and research, Jon shows us that we must celebrate diversity to unite our communities, and offers clear suggestions on the steps we can take to overcome divisions.

The online book club meeting will be facilitated by Kate Shurety, the former Executive Director (and now Associate) of the Campaign to End Loneliness. There will be a short Q&A between Kate and Jon, before we open up the conversation to all participants.

We plan for up to 20-30 people to participate in each book club webinar (we want to keep it small and intimate).

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