SFI Attended Newmarket Inter Faith Forum Annual Event

Strengthening Faith Institutions’ regional coordinators attended the 12th Newmarket InterFaith Forum (NIFF) annual event, hosted at St. Mary’s Church. The theme of this year’s event was ‘East meets West’, to celebrate the efforts of speakers and volunteers from across the faith communities in responding to the needs of their congregations and wider society during the pandemic.

Reverend John Hardy kicked off the event with an address and opening prayers, and was followed by speaker Stephen Bourne, who delivered a speech entitled “Zanzibar: an island of diversity and tolerance”. He was followed by SFI regional coordinator, Farooq Mulla, whose speech touched on the necessity of ‘peaceful co-existence’.

Further speakers from all faiths gave speeches to the 100-strong audience. Simmin Liggit spoke about Abdul Baha and the Baha’i faith, whilst Reverend James Hurst from Our Lady Immaculate & St Etheldreda gave a talk about CTND’s exceptional success with their family food parcels, quoting some amazing statistics and demonstrating scripture in action.

Lastly, Mrs. Rachel Wood, Chair of Governors for All Saints’s CofE primary school, invited SFI coordinator Sarvat Mulla to speak about Muslim women in UK and challenges posed by migration. “The Mosque there is our faiths institution, and it was interesting to find that a group of retired individuals from the Christian faith are supporting the young Muslim community there in many ways”, she said.

The event has once again been an opportunity to support each other in unprecedented circumstances, and show the unity of the interfaith community.  New Market Interfaith Forum is now preparing for Newmarket’s springboard into the 2022 event.